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never as tired as when i'm waking up
i just got shat on by a bird.
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happy thanksgiving!

i haven't gotten a single good night's sleep since we started this dance. not that i mind at all. midnight rouses and early morning towels. soft breath and warm bodies.

went to bowen on friday night. hadn't been up there since last year. smoked a ridiculous amount out of the death bong and almost put the bowl in my mouth. that's when you know you've had enough. learned how to play poker last night. almost won, too. friesen's dad is a shark.

maybe i'm just not used to being so comfortable, to giving in and going with it.
breaking hearts is so much easier than this.
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i am so happy!!!!!!
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hahah... half my face is frozen... oh god how i love modern medicine... the lady beihnd the counter looked at me funny when i asked for orajel... she asked if it was for my son or daughter. i told her i'm teh one that's teething. she looked a little worried. this stuff is wonderful, why didn't i think of it before?
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dangerous combination: liquid advil, 5 beers, 2 awesomely fat joints, and reggae pink floyd.

falling asleep all over the place.

"everyone knows, chantelle..."
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look at me! i have internet!
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*chantelle emerges from her hermit hole and rubs her eyes...

hey gang. long time no see. my life is crazy. i can't get rid of one boy, can't get enough of another one and can't seem to decide what to do about another. had some time off for the long weekend which was nice. christina - call me. i forget these things, you know how it works. it's not because i don't love you, it's just because i don't have any brain cells left. woot. anyways i should probably get back to work now. ciao.
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finally getting into the swing of things. my one day off tmorrow and it's gonna be a scorcher! beach... here i come!!!
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if all goes well tomorrow and none of my classes fill up on me before 9:45 a.m. ...

term one:

tue/thu: 11 - 12 30 psyc 217 - thinking clearly about psychology
tue/thu: 2 - 3 30 ling 311 - phonology
tue/thu: 3 30 - 5 ling 305 - morphology

term two:

mon/wed/fri: 11 - 12 phys 341 - the physics of music
mon/wed/fri: 12 - 1 psyc 218 - analysis of behavioural data
mon/wed/fri: 2 - 3 germ 302 - contemporary german literature
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*take two...

i suppose i should let you all in on how my life has been unfolding as of... may... or whenever the last time i wrote in here was...

no, i STILL don't have internet at the new house yet. i'm going to see if i can fend off the credit card vultures til september when i need it for school.

i'm working six days a week right now between the pool and the beaches. teaching the same kids the same things every day. most of them are cute though so it's alright. just tiring.

my birthday party was a disaster. between the cops pouring out our liquor, then pouring it out again, then having to pay for all of my own expensive drinks, then having hissy fits be thrown in my bedroom... it was needless to say a night full of drama. between that and last year's fiasco, i think i'm going to stick to the approach of not celebrating my birthday anymore.

school was alright. i passed all but one course, which was portuguese so it doesn't really matter. i register on the tenth for september. bah.

i can't think of anything else new and exciting to report to the masses, so.... ciao, bitches!!!
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